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Eli Lilly & Co.

03-CM-015 08/18/2003 Impact Relations Firm, Inc.
03-CM-027 10/20/2003 Glen Hooks, Lobbyist
03-CM-029 12/22/2003 Impact Relations Firm, Inc.
03-CM-032 03/24/2004 Impact Relations Firm, Inc.
04-CM-006 08/23/2004 Janice L. Roberts
04-CO-012 10/15/2004 Larry Sanders
04-CO-027 06/17/2005 Raymond Simes
05-CO-008 03/08/2006 Larry Hacker
06-CM-006 07/24/2006 Alfred Carroll
06-CO-019 08/31/2006 Drew Pritt
06-CM-010 10/02/2006 Citizen's Alliance for a Progressive Arkansas
06-CM-014 12/29/2006 Leta Anthony (consolidated with 06-CM-014)
06-CM-015 11/22/2006 Jennie Goss
06-CM-027 12/29/2006 Leta Anthony (consolidated with 06-CM-027)
06-CM-030 11/22/2006 Jennie Goss
06-CO-047 03/30/2007 Lloyd Parks
07-CO-044 02/25/2008 Kenneth L. Edwards
07-CO-065 04/02/2008 Danny Martin
08-CM-001 (.DOC)
08-CM-001 (.PDF)
11/06/2008 City of Little Rock
08-CM-003 (.DOC)
08-CM-003 (.PDF)
12/02/2008 Bud Lidzy
10-CO-016 (.PDF) 09/29/2010 Donald F. West
11-CO-002 (.PDF) 07/01/2011 John Martineau
11-CO-003 (.PDF) 09/07/2011 Jill Dabbs
11-CO-016 (.PDF) 01/13/2012 Committee for Little Rock's Future
12-CO-034 (.PDF) 02/27/2013 John K. Hutchison
13-CO-014 (.PDF) 08/19/2013 Paul Bookout
13-CO-047(.PDF) 04/30/2014 Curtis Graham
14-CM-002(.PDF) 10/21/2014 Erica Franklin
14-CO-047 (.PDF) 12/23/2014 Let Arkansas Decide!
15-CM-002 (.PDF) 11/24/2015 Rodger Paxton
15-CO-028(.PDF) 04/25/2016 Cheryl Guthrie
16-CO-022(.PDF) 07/27/2016 Bradd Judd
16-CO-026(.PDF) 11/14/2016 Terry Ott
16-CO-067(.PDF) 06/02/2017 Jerry Jones, Sr.
17-CO-008(.PDF) 11/02/2017 Art Sasser